On-Demand Guaranteed Motorbike Parking

In London, there are more than 100,000 motorbike riders.

Every day, we collectively spend 250,000 minutes searching for parking spaces! 


ZIPSPACES makes parking your motorbike fast and easy!

We help you find parking spaces before you even start your journeys. 

Never waste time looking for motorbike parking again!

First launching in


We'll be expanding soon ! 



ZIPSPACES changes your motorbike parking experience.

If you're a motorbike rider or parking space owner, this is your big opportunity!



Park my motorbike!




Does it take you more time to park your motorbike than it does to reach your destination? Now you can quickly and easily find motorbike parking all over London!     

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Rent out my parking space to motorbike riders!


Do you own a parking space that sits vacant sometimes? We make it easy to earn money from your empty parking spaces! In less than a minute, you can register your space and start earning money.

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